Coffee shops are the new offices. People go there to work.

ShopTalk shows you whose working around you and gives you an easy platform to connect.

There are talented people sitting right next to you.

Let ShopTalk be your digital icebreaker!




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ShopTalk has something everyone needs: meaningful connections. Our users range from authors to graphic designers to lawyers and more!

Kari G.

As a recruiter, I’m always looking for new ways to connect with talented people. ShopTalk helps me discover and connect with the talent I didn’t know was sitting right next to me.

Rick C.

I do most of my work from coffee shops because I like being around people. ShopTalk allows me to actually get to know the people I’ve been working next to for months.

Bubba D.

ShopTalk helped connect me to a graphic designer that I didn't know was sitting right next to me. We ended up working on a project together.

Riley C.

I’ve been working out of coffee shops for years writing novels and have always wished there was a way to connect with others working on creative projects in the same space!

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